If you're looking for fantastic values in great paddling equipment, we can help you. Most of our kayaks are rotomolded plastic, manufactured to stand up to the often-rugged conditions that sea kayakers face. We have a variety of models available for paddlers of all abilities, and we buy boats only from top manufacturers such as Boreal Designs, Wilderness Systems and Current Designs.

Plastic kayaks are virtually bombproof and will last for years - - even decades - - if properly cared for. And in the last few years, designers have made great strides in producing high- performance boats in plastic. If you're determined to carry a new boat out of a showroom, at a new-boat price, then we're not the equipment dealer for you. But if you're interested in saving hundreds of bucks on boats that have minimal use, give us a call and we'll tell you what we have to offer.

We also offer complete "cockpit packages," consisting of high-quality paddles, spray skirts and PFDs (life jackets). They're all in top-notch condition with one summer or less use on them.

Our sister outfitter, ACADIA BIKE, carries an extensive selection of top-quality new and used mountain bikes from Cannondale, Raleigh and Giant. Check out its web site for the best buys in biking.